Climate change is real, its happening now, and its affecting society and the environment across the world. Educational establishments hold a key position and responsibility in raising awareness and acting in the interests of a more sustainable future. 

Every operational activity that you undertake has an impact on your carbon footprint, including energy, water and waste. We help you understand what your impact looks like and how to reduce it cost effectively.


The good news is that by reducing your carbon footprint you can also save money!


Civitas Education is the first UK Energy and Sustainability consultancy recognised by the United Nations as Climate Neutral so get in touch and see how we can help your place of learning, our services include: 

Carbon Foot-printing 

We provide you with the framework and understanding to develop your own carbon management plan. Identify your carbon footprint, improve, monitor and measure the environmental and financial impact.


Carbon offsetting

We offer our customers carbon offsetting to reach their carbon goals more quickly. Our offsets are aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that reducing carbon is not the only impact your establishment has.