Whether you need to buy it, measure it or use less of it, we offer the full suite of education compliant energy services, here are the ways we support you:

Energy procurement

We price and arrange contracts for you from reputable energy suppliers, helping you save as much money as possible by becoming part of our compliant electricity and gas energy purchasing group.


Energy contract review

We check to assess the accuracy of your energy contracts and bills.


Energy Audits

Learn where your organisation is managing energy well, and understand the opportunities available to improve performance.


Renewable Energy

Explore how onsite renewable energy can reduce costs and carbon footprint.


Monitoring and measurement

Take control of consumption by understanding when and where energy is used as part of an energy management strategy.


Display Energy Certificates

We offer affordable Display Energy Certificates and renewal notification services to ensure compliance.


All our customers benefit from our range of energy services and most of which are included in our service. Let us know how we can provide support and get in touch today.

Whole of market Energy pricing

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