We help ensure that every drop you use is billed correctly and at the best price possible.

Our approach is simple, guide customers in understanding how to manage water onsite, make sure your billing is correct then let us search the market for the best price available.

Water bill analysis

Water companies can overcharge for surface water drainage if your rainwater drains into public sewers, however, proving that it drains onto your site may exempt you from future charges and allow you to claim for money previously paid.


Leak Detection

Leaks can cost a lot of money and have a significant impact on the duty of care required by educational establishments. Our experts will find, repair, and negotiate any refund entitlements due.


Meter verification

The size of a water meter dictates your standing charge. We verify that the meter is working correctly and that it is sized correctly to reduce your bills.


Water Supply and Non-return Rebates

Water companies apply assumptions related to the volume of water not returning to the sewer. If their assumed volume is greater than your actual volume returned to sewer, you may be able to claim a reduction in your sewer bill and reclaim overpaid money.


Water Switching 

Switching water suppliers can save up to 15% and improve the level of service you receive with no change to water quality.